Should You Dissassemble Furniture Before Putting it in Storage?

Larger items of furniture may take up a lot of space in storage, and flat pack furniture may become a little more wobbly than you like, if you move it around in one piece. You may be able to reduce your storage costs, and protect your furniture more effectively, by taking it apart before putting it in storage. Assess the Condition of Furniture Flat pack furniture may not travel as well as other pieces of furniture, especially if it is old and a bit wobbly. If you can safely disassemble a piece without damaging any of its parts, this may be worth doing. Bear in mind that it may be better to leave some pieces of flat pack furniture intact. If you can’t take a piece apart easily, or are worried it will break and you won’t be able to put it back together again, bite the bullet and store it in one piece. Keep Track of Parts for Reassembly If you’re disassembling a lot of furniture, it may be easy to lose track of what goes where, especially if Continue Reading →